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Steampunk "Spring" Picnic

Drift with me. In and out of awareness, while I toss in my sleep. Dreaming in anticipation for the day to come. Sweet sounds of a light rain outside my window sing me awake. With my warm cup of coffee in hand and a short prayer for the weather's progression, I started in on the finishing touches and last minute adjustments to the day's attire. Shortly these small tasks are completed, with help from my Mom. All the while we muse together, "'Will their ever be a costume completed ahead of schedule?' 'No dear, it's just how things go, life interrupts and time slips by faster than we know it will'" Ah well, I guess that's just part of the art of sewing.

With our picnic packed & outfits donned, we squished ourselves into the new age Prius Carriage and left for the event. Memories of childhood trips to the park came rushing up to surface. Racing the sunset to get to the train before it was too dark and to be able to enjoy the last bit of the day in the garden park.

Upon arrival at Old Poway Park, we met up with our friends & found our way in to find the rest of those attending from the San Diego Costume Guild.

This was to be quite the gathering of fellow Steam enthusiasts.

We found our meeting place, said hello to a few friends and decided to take the suggestion to get our photos taken with the tin type photographers located near the train station. After a nice stroll through the center plaza and over to the train station, we located the photographer & found a good place to get out picture taken. We learned quite a bit about the process and after the photo was taken, we watched how the exposure was completed.

Our picnic was fantastic and a couple more friends joined us in our afternoon revelry.

To wrap up the day we met up with the group at the train station and road the rails around the park.

After enjoying the train, we wandered through two of the park's museums and enjoyed the last few minutes of the local craft fair. Then we packed up and journeyed back to our homes.

I had a most wonderful time. A great big thank you to my friends and family that joined me and those who hosted the event itself. You made a good event great! A shout out as well to new friends and great conversations.

Join me next time to take a closer look at the design process and creation of this Sea Queen, Victorian gown. Until then, happy sewing!

Photos provided by friends, myself and Jerry Abuan;

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