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Cinderella Part III

The day of the ball and it was time to get ready to go. First step was to prepare my golden locks. It took about 40 minutes for each side of my head, with the curling iron and half a can of hair spray. My poor hair hates to hold a curl. After both sides were fully curled, I took my large brush and gently brushed the curls into each other to give it an even, more natural looking curl. I love before and after photos, so I took a few here for you to see. My last step was to add the stick-on rhinestones to my hair. Just peel off the back and press them in. They stayed all day and are actually rather stubborn about staying in when you go to take them out.

After my hair was perfectly curled (thank goodness it behaved), I donned my gown and gathered the day's accessories. At the last minute I called in the butterflies and asked them ever so kindly to land on my shoes, so that they could spend the day with me at the ball.

Ensemble completely donned, it was now time to head to the ball. I got into my coach....and off I traveled...if only I had some footman and coachman to chauffeur me.

Don't you just love the carriage hat detail!

My fairy godmother was there to wish me luck. Debbie Boyd presented this idea to the leader to the San Diego Costume Guild and when the guild picked up the idea and ran with it, she messaged me. She said simply...."You'd make a great Cinderella!" This was all it took for my mind to start designing. The full costume design had other inspirational factors leading it to what it became, but Debbie got the ball rolling.

My friend Sarah Pierce, aka "Cinder"ella, was here. Gus Gus came along too, peaking out of her hand basket. So cute!

There were so many wonderful costumes. About 10 (maybe more) ladies came as Cinderella in a wide range of styles. Everyone did such a fantastic job putting their designs together. Including these two lovely ladies. Cinderella and the Wicked Step-Mother.

Sarah, I mean "Cinder"ella, shining Cindy's, I mean Anastasia's boots.

Time to take the troupe into the Disney store, where we created quite a commotion. The frenzy of photo taking with the castle inside and all of us clogging the paths through the store was exhilarating. I really am so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful group of talented, creative and joy filled people.

There was a mirror at little princess level for admiring gowns that were being tried on. It was the perfect height for snapping a photo or two of my glass slippers.

After the store experience it was time to go to the movie! We paraded through the mall all together to go pick up our tickets from the box office and to prepare for the main event. Many photos were taken while waiting and then inside with the giant movie poster.

All of the beautiful slippers from the day were captured several times. You know that if the shoe fits, you should wear it! There were so many beautiful shoes trying to hide under our elegant gowns, so we made a point to show them off throughout the event. Jerry Abuan captured this fabulous photo of us doing just that.

Inside the theater we all got together for a group photo, or two or ten. The Cinderellas all posed together for several photos of our own, then as well with any little princess that wanted a photo with us. This truly is one of my favorite parts of dressing up, is to inspire and delight young children. The manager of the theater treated us so kindly and I was surprised to hear that it might have not been so. The coordination of this event took quite a bit of time and so I want to thank our Daniel Fernandez and Tony Quirk for taking the time to put every detail together. Planning for such a large group touring multiple places smoothly is no small thing.

The movie was all that we dreamed it would be and more. The details were amazing and so fluid in honoring the original Disney film and in putting their own creative spin to it. The costumes were so well done and I'm sure we all left feeling very inspired to create and sew.

Jerry Abuan's self portrait which was a portrait for me as well. Thank you again Jerry for all you do for the guild and each of us individually, every time you bring your camera we are grateful and amazed!

After the movie it was time to catch my coach home, so I just went down to the coach store to be picked up! We journeyed out to eat a fabulous dinner, my mom and dad and I. Thank you all for a fun filled and joyful event!

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