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Labyrinth Of Jareth Ball

This has been a post a long time in the making and even though it's marked as being published in 2015, it's a lot more recent than that. It has taken me 7 months to feel like I could write about it. You can do the math, I'm sure you are able.

The soreness of this event is coupled with the loss of a friend. My Dad and my good friend Sarah treated, for Sarah and I to go to this event, for my birthday last August (the date on the posting). It was a wonderful event and I had the most splendid time before it, getting ready for it, attending it and afterwards when Sarah & I enjoyed some Hollywood glamour.

Where's the sadness you ask? Well as all good questions go, it has a complicated answer. I had a great friend and lost her and I feel like this event was the beginning of the end. To honor her and to try to say, "I loved our time together", I've decided to finish this post and dedicate it to her. Thank you Sarah for all of the good times we had!

Now, on to the post...

In the beginning of 2015 I took a draping and pattern making class and out of it came this beautiful ballgown as my final project. It showcased some of the skills I learned about draping and making my own patterns that fit me well. This is the making of the dress.


Drafting the pattern....

More draping...

The fabric. These were discount finds. The patterned skirt material came from UFO, Upholstery Fabric Outlet and the mauve blouse material came from a discount fabric store in Chula Vista, CA.

Sewing the pleats in the blouse was a bit tricky, but I got into a groove and it starting coming together quite nicely.

Coming along....

Turning in my project in class was wonderful. It was such a proud moment and I was full and feeling accomplished.

Then Sarah & I began to prepare for the event. Our tickets coming in the mail was just about the most exciting thing ever!

She took on the task of making a mask for me and making one for herself. We worked on her dress together, although she did a vast majority of it on her own. She found a bargain dress for $5 at Ross and added to it to complete this gem.

The event was magical. There were so many amazing costumes there. A literal feast for the eyes.

One of my favorites...Marie Antoinette's "off with her head" dress!

And mine...

Thank you Sarah, for this fabulous event! Thank you for encouraging me. Thank you for making my mask.

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