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Fascinating Floral!

Hello there! Welcome to the new site for Firetail Design. Many of you have been following our progress on Facebook for a while now. To those of you who have, I tip my hat! Thank you for all of your support as we get this up and running.

For those of you that are just joining us, welcome, welcome, welcome! We strive to bring you updates as we go along, with progress images, blog posts, inspirations, and best of products! Our focus is for vintage style fashions. Personally, my absolute favorite era is the 1950's. Elegant, slimming, princess cut, darted, flowing, fashions.

As we get this site up and running, I'll be posting about things we've already created, things ready for purchase, and inspirations to get you excited about what is to come.

First, a little taste, ready for your visual consumption, is this beautiful floral skirt, teal long sleeve shirt and a pop of color in a pair of perfectly matched heels.


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