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Travel In Style! - Fly Dapper Day Airlines

I love Dapper Day! I often get to enjoy Disneyland, happiest place on earth, my favorite place to take a day off. But twice a year, I get to enjoy it in a very special way. Steppin' out in style! I can, of course, dress up anytime I want (not in costume anymore, but in clothing styled with Disney themes). However, this event is very different. There are so many people who come all at the same time to enjoy this event. All these people are dressed in their finest. Mostly 1950's attire, but some 20's, some 70's, some 40's, etc.

Today I was 1960's at its finest. This is my homage to Winnie The Pooh.

The top fabric is vintage Winnie, found at JoAnn Fabric in the remnant pile for $5. The bottom fabric is tan and white gingham and was found in an old shipping container used for storage. It was used by a woman who passed and her daughters knew a friend of ours. It was a very lucky find. Gingham of every color and so much more! I found the coat, handbag and necklace at the thrift store, perfectly matched for $14. All total this outfit cost me $25, including the notions.

Mom and John dressed in their finest as well.

Mom & John on the red carpet.

We met up with a few friends for a while and enjoyed one of the train stations.

Hanging out with the conductors.

Train Station

Please enjoy this gallery of our photos from our day! Thanks for joining me.

See you again soon with the next adventure!

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