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Tripping the LA Fashion District

As the journey begins, I contemplate all that must be found for current projects, that which I'm hoping to find for dream projects and inspiration fabrics for dreams not yet dreamed. My first stop, as always, is Home Fabrics!

This luxuriously overwhelming wall is stacked floor to ceiling, wall to wall with bolts of all types of fabric. I come here first, full of energy and strength and set myself to digging, bending, lifting and sifting through this beautiful wall of potential. Every bit of this is $1.99 per yard. Most of these fabrics are normally between $6 & $25 per yard. The catch is you have to take the bolt as it is whether that bolt contains 1 yard of fabric or 50 yards. Sometimes I don't find anything to fit my needs, be it because they don't have the right fabric or the bolt is just too large for the project's budget. I had many finds this round.

Next stop, FUR - VILLE!

This project will be a blast & a challenge. The first challenge was finding the right fabric. The second was haggling for the right price. After the right amount of haggling, I got the right price for the budget. Check in with us in the end of December, early January to see what it becomes.

The last bit of this adventure took me to many, many, many different stores. I was on the hunt for sequins!!!!!

The sequins had to be just the right color, the fabric they were on had to be a minimum 3 way stretch and it had to be sequins completely sewn down. There are so many variations and I quickly went from hunting without asking to asking the first person I saw at each store, to see if they had it. It became faster to ask and it paid off pulling myself out of my comfort zone communicating my needs with busy hustle and bustle shop owners/workers. This is what I found.

Just for fun, I capped off the day with trims and things. Searching way ahead of schedule for a costume intended for 2017's Costume College, I found these feathers.

There is so much upcoming creating to be done! Some of it wasn't even shown'll just have to wait to see!

Until next time, Ciao!


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