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Dragon Dress

What do you get when you add Wild Wild West Con 6, 2017 and a spectacularly devised theme of Cthulhu for President? A million reasons to go primeval with your costume design. 

That's just what this recent client of ours did! She found a two toned green with gold fleck dragon scale fabric, glass dragon eye buttons and a rich dark green filigree patterned accent fabric. We added a gold lame for ridged (pleated) neck and cuff accents. 

We put together a muslin mockup first, as we do with most custom projects. This one was made with a blue and white cotton fabric similar in weight and feel to the fashion fabric that we would be using to create the finished product. 

Once the muslin was constructed a fitting was s heduled so we could mark for any necessary adjustments (in this case none, perfect fit on the first shot). After that we dug into cutting and sewing with the fashion fabric. 

The bodice came first and then under skirt and the apron to go over it.

Once we were under way with the actual garment construction, the major tasks at hand were making all the scales go the same direction throughout and lining up the filigree pattern on the front contrast pieces of the bodice (which I made three times to get them just right). 

The contest dark green fabric was sewn into the pleated tail section here on the ball of the bodice to create a peak-a-boo effect. 

The finished product fit great and looked just magical. That's one happy client!  

Look at that......bustle! Oh, and those.....eyes! 

Here the client poses for a photo while roaming the streets at the Con.

Thanks for joining us on this custom client project review! Follow us on our Facebook page @firetaildesign to see updates on past, recent and in progress projects. Happy sewing, costuming, designing and dreaming! 

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