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Ringing in the New Year!

As we enter into this new year, we all endeavor to put our best foot forward and to make the most of the freshness we experience. The way I do this best is to take some time to review the year before. This practice always leaves me feeling humbled. 2017 left me feeling the same as years previous and then some.

I'll share with you a quick recap if the amazing year I was blessed with.

Firetail Design reached 3 years in business and reached 1 year full time! That's huge!!

We won 1st place and best in division "sewing" for a costume we entered into the San Diego County Fair! We make award winning costumes folks!

We entered a costume into the Disney fan convention, D23, and were accepted to participate. One of fifteen in our category and 1 of 75 entries in the contest as a whole. That's out of hundreds, maybe thousands, who enter the contest. We didn't place, but it was an amazing experience to be sure. On stage, in costume, in front of a giant audience of at least 1,000 people, probably more.

D23 was quickly followed by Costume College 2017 and it was a blast. I always love meeting new people; fellow lovers of everything costuming. The classes taken were so very beneficial for improving the skills we have in our repertoire. The best part of course is dressing up and attending the evening events. The costumes created for these events were really spot on this year!

For 2018's Renaissance Pleasure Faire, we are to be dressmaker to the Queen. Her dress is well underway and she will look as spectacular as a rare gemstone upon her throne! If you're able, you should go see her and enjoy the faire. It runs April 27, 28, 29 and May 4, 5, 6.

One of our clients is a member of the Victorian Ladies of the Rose, who were all a part of the 2017 Rose Parade.

We completed a full reproduction of a Victorian Tea Gown, dated around 1900-1903, from the House of Worth. Made originally by Jean-Phillipe Worth. This project was challenging, but turned out even better than hoped for. It fits like a dream and you can't help but see how happy our client is with the finished product!

Dapper Day Fall 2017 was a smash hit! In full group costume, we attended as the portraits from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion! We were so astonished at the response we received while traversing the park. This was so much fun!

With a little help from your friends here at Firetail Design. Even when you are a costumer yourself, sometimes you just need a little help. This costume was mostly completed by the wearer. The bodice however, matching the stripes in the fabric, was challenging and she came to us to help her complete it. It turned out perfect!

Firetail Design hired it's first employee in October and she is wonderful! We are also looking for even more help as we are booked into May! 5 months of the year booked and it's just the very beginning of the year!!! If we had more hands, we could accomplish more, creating space for even more client's dream projects. If you have beginner to intermediate sewing skills, message me and we'll talk.

Our client, Miss Di'Lovely, won Miss Tiki Oasis in August. Isn't she a beauty?

We moved our studio to Alpine for a major upgrade in space. What a difference a professional space has made.

Halloween was a whirlwind of fantastic client projects, including Morticia and Gomez Addams, the sparkliest ringmaster ever and many more.

One of our clients hired us for the second year in a row to make costumes for them to perform in at The San Diego Zoo Safari Park for Christmas. Sprinkles, Pepper and Sugar-Plum of Twisted Orbit & Cirque Quirk brought all the cheer to the park! 

My boyfriend of two and a half years asked me to marry him and I said yes to being his beyonce and wife. This year we will get married, just as we hit our third year together. I will be wearing a dress made in our studio. Stay tuned for that! It's going to be epic!!

A huge thank you to everyone that makes this business a success. Firstly to our wonderful, fantastic, amazing clients, THANK YOU! Thank you Gary for your endless wellspring of advice, that you make always available, for me to draw from. For your support and being my biggest fan! Thank you Chelsea for joining our team and doing great work! Thank you to everyone that has helped us spread the word about the creative imaginings that come to life in our studio. We couldn't have made it this far without you helping us promote our work!

We wish you the happiest of new years in 2018! We're here when you're ready to make your costume, gown or suiting dreams come true.

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