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Happy New Year to You!

Happy, happy, New Year!

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

- 2 Corinthians 5:17

We wish you the best of blessings for you in this new year. As are we excited for all of the promise that this year holds for every endeavor. We've been planning diligently for the upcoming business year. There's so much we hope to accomplish and we would love to have your company along the journey.

Before we announce our new plans, we want to share our 2018 year in review!

Business was booming and your costumes made it great!!

-- In the beginning of 2018 we attended a burlesque new year's event, hosted by one of our clients. We enjoyed working on a Cyborg, Han Solo and other fun characters. We costumed a set of eight, Cirque Troupe.

-- Then we moved into the spring faire season, preparing to welcome the Queen, Elizabeth I to the Escondido Renaissance Faire, her governess Kat Ashley and trusted friend Blanche Perry. It was a busy spring.

-- On top of that, we made a "sweet" set of costumes for the La Jolla Concourse event; two stilt walking flamingos, two stilt walking feather dancers, a marshmallow man and a stilt walking sweets dispenser (yep, you read that right)!

-- We had two burlesque clients make it into BHOF (Burlesque Hall of Fame) this year and performed their nylons off!

-- We started work on a Star Wars fan film sequel, making costumes for a short teaser clip to show investors. The kickstarter for the project will go live in February this year to fund the start of the film.

-- Summer brought us into fire season with the creation of a Phoenix, who just debuted it to kick the new year off right.

-- A fun project fit itself in between summer and fall for a unique twist on Wonder Woman. A 1960s Tiki version, complete with Dodo Bird crest.

-- Following up summer, we started working for the Fall Faire season to add a Lord and Lady in Spanish Comfort attire to the Esco Faire. Day of the Dead came with two great stilt walkers.

-- Then on to Christmas! Mrs. Claus and a few elves that needed shoes!

Here's some photos of all of this fun!

For 2019 we have great fantastic plans that we hope to bring to life.

A completely hand sewn Georgian Italian Gown. We've started with the foundation and are working our way out, piece by piece. The shift, petticoat and pockets are complete. Up next is the stays! These are so important, so we believe they will take the most time. Keep your eyes out as we cover the process with periodic updates.

We've been invited to attend the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale, CA this year! What an honor it will be to join their court for a day of fun and networking. We've designed and started on our Costume Designer's Elizabethan attire for her to attend on behalf of Firetail Design. Here's our plans and the beginnings of the french hood. It was the perfect hand sewing project for winter traveling.

There's a constellation dress in the works, complete with LED light up constellations. Navy blue chiffon, silver star sequins, beads and rhinestones so that it will glitter even when it isn't lit.

Our business owner's family heirloom Singer treadle sewing machine made it into our studio last year. We're working on repairs, as we are able, so that it will be ready to use sometime this year. There's designs for a complete Victorian Bustle Gown to be sewn using this machine. We can't wait!

We're working on a film project and would love help and support to get it off the ground. We are helping the director to host a kickstarter campaign on February 26th for the sequel series of a Star Wars Fan Film we helped with a few years ago. It ran the film festival circuit this year with good response, so we are ready to launch into the follow up fan film series. We've designed costumes for a whole cast of unique characters for this project. Please check out the facebook event page for The Wrath of the Empire - Kickstarter Event.

There's a red surcoat in the works for Blanche Perry and she will be handfasted in it at the Escondido Renaissance Faire this spring season!! We are so happy for her!

Anne Boleyn comes back to life and onto the stage mid-February at the DYNASTY burlesque show. Have you ever seen the historic and burlesque costume worlds collide? This is your chance, if you haven't. We highly recommend that you don't miss it!!

Do you have costume dreams that we can help turn into reality? If you can dream it, we can sew it!!! Let the Fairy Godmother of San Diego bring your costume to life this year. Zipper, snaps, and Poof!!!

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