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Bring on the New Year!

Hello! Welcome!

It's been a hot two years since I've actively posted here...

That just will not do, so let's raise a toast to new beginnings and dive right in to set that to rights!!

2020 was challenging, but we are hitting the reset button and I'd like to start off the new year with hope. To do that, I'll be sharing our turning of the year projects in progress with you, giving you the sneak peek scoop about the online store that we're opening early spring and we can jump down the rabbit hole of research together for an upcoming mushroom project!

Current Projects -

The Carnation - this project is left over from the #historicalhalloween2020 challenge and will be worked on over the next few months and finished for a spring debut. It was left undone due to stress, making the project unpleasant, and due to commission work driving it to be time-crunched. The new timeline will help us usher in spring with floral beauty and allow for plenty of time to finish properly, while enjoying the efforts!

Gibson Ensemble - I've been working on a full wardrobe, off and on, for the past year. It's now time to pick it up again and showcase a 2020 project that brought much pride to my studio; the treadle sewing machine. It was restored in April and has sat unused until now.

That is about to be remedied! A petticoat and walking skirt are the items left on the Edwardian wardrobe list and I plan to make them entirely on the treadle. No electricity!

Fêtes Galante 2024 - Yes, indeed, 2024 is a ways off, but I found my dream fabric for a robe du cour to wear to this once in a lifetime, bucket list event! I'll also start working on bobbin lace trim for this dress this year and will be outfitting my husband to attend with me as well!

Stay tuned for the progress updates periodically this year, as I start working on the bobbin lace.

Vintage Style 1940s Day Dress/Suit - Last year I found the silk fabrics to make a dress to go with a few vintage heirloom items that were gifted to me the previous year. This year, I plan to draft and make the dress. I've done the procrastination dance long enough!

Client work -

A Gown Fit For A Queen - Yes, an actual Queen! - New year, New gown for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I for the Escondido Renaissance Faire. She has chosen a crimson color scheme and we're so excited for this!!

Burlesque Peignoir - A flowy sheer white night dress with a gold waist cincher. This will go quick and might be done before this is posted, but I'm happy for this fresh start to the new year!

The Inside Scoop! -

I'm opening an online store! - In the wake of the shutdown early last year, my husband asked me, "what if this goes all year? What could you do to feel like you've accomplished something for your business?"

I had been struggling emotionally with not having much work and this question's answer pulled me out of that funk. It helped me become productive again.

As a result, in early spring, the Firetail Design online bits and baubles store will be launched!

The items that will be available are, beeswax cakes for conditioning your thread, lucet forks & kits, crochet lace trim, corset cording, embroidered artwork, fun sewing related lapel pins and more!

After the opening, development will continue on other products that will be added as they are made ready. Things like, bobbin lace pillows, maybe even bobbins as well, a few patterns of historic garments for download, kits for the patterns, ready-made garments, a book of croquis that reflect the modern body to use for drawing out your costume design and more!!

I just can't wait to share this adventure with you all!

Last, but not least - my current fun new year project is a regency bonnet that looks like a set of mushrooms that I photographed several years ago. I've decided that this quick build is a great kickstart to a new year because it should come together quick and it's a little silly. We all need a little silliness from time to time!!

Below you'll see the mushroom photos and the historic inspiration that went into the idea and design. Then, on social media I'll start posting progress pics soon!

Thanks for joining me as we get 2021 started and I can't wait to share with you all that is to be created this year!!!

Happy creating, sewing and crafting!


Kristen Hopkins

Firetail Design

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