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This listing is for a digital download of instructions for learning how to make lucet cord. Curated to help beginners and more experienced makers alike, these instructions run you through the process from start to finish for how to use your lucet to make cording. The pdf file includes materials you'll need, instructions and a troubleshooting guide, just in case the need arises.

Lucet forks, also known as knitting forks, have been used for centuries to make a strong and square shaped cord, using a single, continuous strand. This cording was most often used to lace up clothing or to tie things to a belt upon your person. Today, they are commonly used by historic reenactors and by crafters finding modern artistic uses.

You can make your very own cord! You can use many different types of fiber to strand into a custom made cord of any length. We typically use DMC embroidery floss, size 5 to make cords for lacing up corsets, bodices, etc. You can use yarn, crochet thread, or whatever you feel best suits your needs.

Lucet Cord Instructions - Learn How To Use A Lucet Fork, Knitting Fork

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