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Lucet cords are strong, square cording that has been woven (knitted) on a lucet fork. They are great for lacing up corsets and bodices. The length of these cords is ideal for the criss-cross lacing style, but work also for the spiral lacing style. You will just have a longer tail to tuck up under the garment.

This listing is for one steel blue, lapis colored cord that is approximately 89-90 inches long.

We can make custom colors, either from the myriad of options available from the DMC floss size 5 options, or a custom color dye. With any color choice, we ask that you contact us before you purchase to inquire about timeline for completion. These cords each take six hours to produce and we have many clients to work around in order to fit your custom dye or color choice cord into the schedule.

Lucet Cord - Ready to Use Lacing for Corsets, Bodices, Jewelry and More!

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