"Make It Sew" - and let it be known that you are the geekiest of costumers, cosplayers, and makers across the known universe! This sewing, creating, costuming, cosplaying community endeavor to reflect the essence of our favorite intergalactic show. Let us put aside our biases and work together to make humanity the best it can be. Especially in the pooling of our knowledge to create, let us build each other up, learn together and make amazing things.

Best Friend, Worst Enemy - When you need one, a seam ripper is your best friend! But, to need one in the first place makes it your worst enemy. Inspired by my love, hate relationship with my seam ripper, this lapel pin was designed to bring a little humor into the situation and to ease the pain of having to rip seams open and do it all over again.

Sewing Therapy - Do you love or hate hand sewing? Needle and thread, pulled through your project to precisely build it, one stitch at a time. Sewing by hand